Annex 1


Definition for DRIVER+



The means to accomplish one or more tasks under specific conditions

Project Responder 5

Command & control

Activities of target oriented decision-making, situation assessment, planning, implementing decisions and controlling the effects of implementation on the incident (disaster).

ISO 22320


Situation with high level of uncertainty that disrupts the core activities and/or credibility of an organization (2.2.9) and requires urgent action

ISO22300 (2015) 2

Crisis management

Holistic management (3.135) process (3.180) that identifies potential impacts (3.107) that threaten an organization (3.158) and provides a framework for building resilience (3.192), with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of the organization’s key interested parties (3.124), reputation, brand and value­ creating activities (3.1), as well as effectively restoring operational capabilities. Note 1 to entry: Crisis management also involves the management of preparedness (3.172), mitigation (3.146) response, and continuity (3.49) or recovery (3.187) in the event of an incident (3.111), as well as management of the overall programme through training (3.265), rehearsals and reviews (3.197) to ensure the preparedness, response and continuity plans stay current and up-to-date.

ISO22300 (DRAFT 2017) 8


Sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or event (3.82) requiring immediate action. Note 1 to entry: An emergency is usually a disruption (3.70) or condition that can often be anticipated or prepared for, but seldom exactly foreseen.

ISO22300 (DRAFT 2017) 10

Emergency management

The organization and management of resources and responsibilities for addressing all aspects of emergencies and effectively respond to a hazardous event or a disaster.

UNISDR: Terminology on Disaster Risk Reduction: A Technical Review. August 2015 p16


Individual person who ultimately benefits from the outcomes of the system

ISO/IEC 25010:2011(en)


Process of estimating the effectiveness (, efficiency (, utility and relevance of a service ( or facility "ISO 5127:2017(en)


Process (3.180) to train for, assess, practise and improve performance (3.167) in an organization (3.158) Note 1 to entry: Exercises can be used for validating policies, plans, procedures (3.179), training (3.265), equipment, and inter-organizational agreements; clarifying and training personnel (3.169) in roles and responsibilities; improving inter­-organizational coordination (3.52) and communications; identifying gaps in resources (3.193); improving individual performance and identifying opportunities for improvement; and a controlled opportunity to practise improvisation. Note 2 to entry: See also test (3.257).

ISO22300 (DRAFT 2017) 11


Purposive investigation of a system through selective adjustment of controllable conditions and allocation of resources

ISO/TR 13195:2015(en) Selected illustrations of response surface method — Central composite design, 2.1


Gaps between the existing capabilities of responders and what was actually needed for effective and timely response

Project Responder 5

Guidance Methodology

A structured approach from designing a trial to evaluating the outcomes and identifying lessons learned


Guidance Tool

A software tool that guides trial design, execution and evaluation in a step-by-step way including as much of the necessary information as possible in form of data or references to the portfolio of solutions



The ability of diverse systems and organisations to work together, i.e. to interoperate.

ISO 22397

Legacy systems

(Crisis management) system currently in operational use.

Initial DRIVER definition

Lesson Learned

Lessons learning: process of distributing the problem information to the whole project and organization as well as other related projects and organizations, warning if similar failure modes or mechanism issues exist and taking preventive actions

ISO 18238:2015(en) Space systems — Closed loop problem solving management, 3.3


Method of data collection in which the situation of interest is watched and the relevant facts, actions and behaviours are recorded [observer participant (3.163) who witnesses the exercise (3.83) while remaining separate from exercise activities] ISO 16439:2014(en) Information and documentation — Methods and procedures for assessing the impact of libraries, 3.41

ISO22300 (DRAFT 2017) 18


Exercise participant who watches selected segments as they unfold while remaining separate from role player activities [DRAFT 22300: 2017-- observer participant (3.163) who witnesses the exercise (3.83) while remaining separate from exercise activities Note 1 to entry: Observers may be part of the evaluation (3.81) process (3.180).]

ISO 22300:2012(en) Societal security — Terminology, 2.4.5 [addition in DRAFT 2017]

Portfolio of Solutions (PoS)

A database driven web site that documents the available Crisis Management solutions. The PoS includes information on the experiences with a solution (i.e. results and outcomes of trials), the needs it addresses, the type of practitioner organisations that have used it, the regulatory conditions that apply, societal impact consideration, a glossary, and the design of the trials.